Board Members

Portrait of Jose Alaniz in Fedora and red face mask with cane
Dr. José Alaniz

Cartoonist, Slavic & disability

scholar and environmentalist

Jen Anderson

Lover of words, food and adventure

Mike Houck

Author, urban naturalist and


Andy Johnson

Local comic book retailer and dog dad

Dr. Charles Johnson

Artist, philosopher and writer

Aaron Ketzenberger

Activator, cartoon and conversation

Aaron Meyers Selfies
Aaron Meyers

Comic collector and amateur comics


Emily Powell

Reader, writer and explorer 

Katie Pryde

Owner of Books with Pictures,

ComicsPro member and ranger at large

Michael Ring

Comic lover, small business owner

and devoted dad and husband

Matt Roberts

Comic’s best friend

Dr. Michael Rosen 

NWMOCA Founder, comics aficionado

and environmentalist

Mark Russell 

Writer, cartoonist and enthusiast

Josh Sasaki 

Father, attorney and collector 

Dr. Ben Saunders  

Moderate shelf wear

Joshua Shapel

Library denizen, bibliophile, daydream


Chris Simons

Owner of I Like Comics

Debbie Smith
A savvy and compassionate mom,
owner of Excalibur Comics
Aron Steinke

Cartoonist, author and teacher

Mary Vertulfo

Cheerful, curious and an Aries

Shannon Wheeler 

Cartoonist, writer and self-proclaimed


Sean Wynn

Comics, hip-hop and empathy collide



Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Milk Thee Siamese

Official Mascot & Brand Ambassador