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Mike Rosen

Mike Rosen’s passion for comics began when he was 11, waned when he was 14, and reignited big time when he was 29.  Since then, he has been an avid reader, collector, and comic con attendee.  Mike edited the graphic novel Oil and Water, written by Steve Duin and drawn by Shannon Wheeler and published by Fantagraphics Books.  He has also co-edited two comics, Fighting Covid and Beating Covid, by Shannon Wheeler and produced by NW Disability Support for the Oregon Health Authority (over 300,000 copies have been distributed).  He has a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering and 30 years of management experience with local and state government programs in natural resource protection, restoration, and toxic site cleanup.  Mike is currently the board chair for NW Disability Support and is writing climate policy for Portland Public Schools.  He is married to the amazing Teresa Hoos, has 3 grown children, a wonderful old dog, Odinn, and lives in Portland, Oregon.