Pen/ ink drawing portrait of Matt Roberts with pucker lips

Matt Roberts

Matt started reading comics in the mid-80’s because of a cool older brother that read comics. He stuck mostly to Marvel at that time, reading anything X-Men adjacent, West Coast Avengers, and Captain America. It was also during this time he developed a love of reference material via The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, buying comics is hard when you’re 13 and you have no job or transportation to go buy comics, so the enjoyment sort of fizzled out for me. Fifteen years later I was in a hobby store and I saw a few issues of The Official Handbook for sale and I was back in. 

Through a series of fortunate events, Matt was able to sneak into the fringes of the comic industry by helping out a local publisher at various conventions throughout Oregon and Washington. Beside making connections throughout the comic business, this also presented the opportunity to explore more genres in comics beyond the capes and tights (he still loves those though!).

Matt is very excited to be on the NWMOCA board and you can find him on twitter at @mr_oberts posting pictures of his dog and out of context comic book panels.