Joshua Shapel looking to the side in a black and white headshot

Joshua Shapel

After successfully failing to complete an Art History degree, Josh Shapel has haunted the hallowed halls of Boise Public Library for over 20 years. Starting out in circulation, he has since risen to the dizzying heights of the 3rd floor Administration offices. While the air is thinner up there, the views are at least 7% better. During a lengthy stint deep in the book mines before his ascension, he instigated what’s become the largest comics-focused event in Idaho: the Boise Comic Arts Festival. As the library’s events coordinator, he has (along with a stellar team) shepherded BCAF from a modest one-day affair to a multi-venue, multi-day celebration. The event’s 10thanniversary in September 2022 included an artist alley spread out over the 17 acres of Zoo Boise that saw only relatively minor skirmishes between acorn-armed squirrels and vendors. Josh’s side projects include occasionally editing comics and novels, traveling to places, and diligently avoiding financial security by spending his free monies at the local comic shop. Beyond the above, and a penchant for writing painfully overwrought bios, he is completely unremarkable.