Andy Johnson at restaurant table smiling with dog

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson is a lifelong Portland resident and owner of Cosmic Monkey Comics in NE Portland. His love of comics started at a young age buying comics off of the spinner racks of local neighborhood convenience stores. In the early 80s he discovered comic conventions, where he was able to feed his passion and grow his personal collection. In 1998 he started selling comics out of his garage and setting up booths at local comic conventions. In 2003 he opened Cosmic Monkey Comics. It’s difficult to pry Andy away from the shop but he does stay actively involved in the local community and works with many local comic creators. He served 3 years on the board of the Stumptown Comic Fest and has been an active member of ComicsPro for many years. In 2014  Andy and Tim Goodyear started Frankenstein Comic Swap. This was their effort to recapture the feeling of those old school comic conventions. The Swap ran for 5 years, but is on hiatus currently.