Photo of Aaron Ketzenberger smiling at restaurant

Aaron Ketzenberger

Aaron Ketzenberger is a storyteller and nonprofit fundraiser, but that’s really just saying the same thing twice. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Indiana University where he studied Psychology. After graduating, Aaron got involved in progressive Indiana politics, interning for the tiny handful of Democrats in the state legislature. He shifted to campaign work, serving as campaignmanager and finance director through several unsuccessful election cycles. His time in politics revealed a latent superpower: he doesn’t mind asking people for money!

This revelation led him to the comparatively stable world of nonprofit fundraising. He joined the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, the foundation arm of Kiwanis International, in early 2017. He worked there for nearly five years, eventually becoming the Associate Director of Development. He served Kiwanians and clubs throughout the Southeast U.S., traveling frequently to visit with donors and leaders. When the Covid-19 Pandemic changed everything, Aaron and his wife began to think critically about where they wanted home to be. This line of questioning led them to Portland, and they relocated in October of 2021. Aaron started his current position with Outside In just before the move, taking on the new role of Annual and Digital Giving Manager. In this capacity, Aaron oversees annual giving solicitations, digital outreach, marketing, and helps manage the development department.

Beyond work, Aaron is a lifelong otaku and collector. While manga is his favorite, he’s been passionate about comics and cartoons of all types as long as he can remember. Other than comics, Aaron loves to dance casino and play improv games at Comedy Sportz. He can frequently be found in the kitchen or trying new restaurants. He lives in Northwest Portland with his wife, Lizzie, and their two rambunctious cats.